Temple Structure

      The temple has its enterance facing the northern direction. Just to the right of the main enterance of the temple, the kitchen is located. The enterance leads to the grand thirumana mandapam owned by the temple.

      On moving further, leads to the enterance of the of the thirukkoil. The Amman sannadhi is present at the center of the temple facing the east. Just before the amman sannadhi is the huge Kodimaram placed. To the left of the Amman sannadhi, a step foward is the Navagraham sannadhi located. Just opposite to the Amman sannadhi is the vairavar sannadhi facing the west. To the northern edge of the temple and between the navagraham and vairavar, a vasantha mandapam is located.

      Just behind the Amman sannadhi, the murugan sannadhi is present at the northwest corner. To the southwest corner is the Vinayagar sannadhi present. Both the vinayagar and murugar is placed to face the eastern direction.

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