Temple Glory

      Unmarried girls who have Nagadosham, if they worship this amman with faith, will get cured from all Doshams soon and will get a good life

      Couples who dont have children can worship this god to get children as this amman cures Puthradosham.

      Thousands of devotees visit this temple to get cured from Kalasarpa Dosham and Kalathira Dosham.

      This temple have a Sanibaghavaan Sannidhi inside it. Here devotees will light lamps to avoid the intense of sani bagavaan while he catches a person. It is belived that atleast once in our entire life, we will have to under go the trials of Sani bagavaan

      This temple is further glorified by the presence of Lord Vinayaga the Moola Kadavul and his brother Lord Murugan the gnayana kadavul. It a fact that no harm will come near a person who worships these gods.

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